The role of moisturizing active ingredients

Written by: Hector Sentilhes



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Hydration is one of the most important steps in skincare. In moisturizing cosmetic products, we find moisturizing active ingredients, which are compatible with all skin types and which each have their own contributions. Discover all the characteristics of these ingredients called: moisturizing active ingredients.


For supple, glowing and healthy-looking skin, look no further, skin hydration is the solution. Beyond the appearance of the skin, hydrating also allows our skin barrier to be well maintained. If this barrier is well hydrated, your skin will be more likely to resist external dangers such as pollution. To summarize, hydration protects us from external aggressions and maintains our water content.

What allows this hydration in your cosmetic products are moisturizers. They can be separated into 3 categories:

  • Humectants: Humectants absorb water and hold it in the skin for balanced hydration. Effective for dehydrated and dry skin.

  • Occlusive (or film-forming): This means that it allows the skin to reduce its water loss. If your skin is properly hydrated, occlusives retain as much of the water already present as possible.

  • Emollients: They smooth away dead skin cells, making the skin much more supple, soft and smoother to the touch.



Aloe vera, a plant from the Liliaceae family, is praised for its medicinal and cosmetic virtues. Composed mainly of gel, aloe vera is rich in water (99.5%), minerals, vitamins, enzymes and polysaccharides.

Aloe vera has polysaccharides that maintain humidity in the air. Its benefits are numerous: soothing, promotion of healing, protection against external aggressions such as UV rays or wind, and fights against skin aging by stimulating cell regeneration. It is suitable for all skin types.


Hyaluronic acid, naturally present in the body and particularly the skin, acts as a natural barrier that traps water, ensuring optimal hydration. Used in various products such as moisturizers, anti-aging agents and makeup removers, it is often produced by biotechnological synthesis from bacteria or derived from cockscombs.

Its ability to retain up to 1000 times its weight in water makes it a powerful ally for intense hydration, giving the skin a plump and revitalized appearance. Hyaluronic acid also plays a shielding role, protecting the skin barrier against external aggressions and helping to prevent dry skin. By acting as an effective healing agent, it helps repair damaged skin tissues, thus reducing the appearance of wrinkles.

In the field of aesthetic medicine, hyaluronic acid also finds its place as a tool to restore facial volume and structure, filling areas where volume has decreased over time. In short, hyaluronic acid proves to be an essential key to maintaining well-hydrated skin, preserving its elasticity and promoting visible skin rejuvenation.


Inulin, extracted from plants such as chicory, is not limited to a simple dietary fiber. As a prebiotic, it plays a key role in maintaining the skin microbiome, nourishing good bacteria and thus promoting healthy skin. Often used in moisturizing cosmetic products, it is obtained by extraction with hot water, generally from chicory roots.

The skin microbiota, composed of beneficial microorganisms, requires an essential balance to ensure healthy skin. As a prebiotic, inulin supports this microbiome, strengthening the skin barrier and reducing the risk of disturbances such as dysbiosis.

Inulin, through its hydrating action, attracts and retains moisture, making it an ideal choice for all skin types, especially dry skin. It contributes to the radiance and softness of the skin, providing notable benefits in a context of constant exposure to external environmental factors.

These 3 active ingredients are humectants because of their ability to retain and maintain water in our skin. They are present at 20% in Neo by Nature moisturizing shower gels.


Skin hydration is essential, hydrating active ingredients, grouped into humectants, occlusives and emollients, work together to ensure healthy skin. Aloe vera soothes, heals and protects, hyaluronic acid intensely retains water, and inulin maintains a balanced microbiome. There are a multitude of other active ingredients such as rice protein or glycerol.

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