The 7 best hydrating shower gels

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The benefit of using a moisturizing shower gel is that it provides a shower experience that goes beyond simple cleansing. By integrating specific moisturizing agents into its formula, this type of shower gel helps maintain the skin's natural hydration.

There are many moisturizing shower gels on the market, but due to their compositions, some stand out from the crowd. This is why we have selected for you and your loved ones our 7 best moisturizing shower gels.

“Healthy, hydrated skin is the first step in a good routine.”

Hector Sentilhes


Each shower gel has its own particular contribution, just like our skin has its own needs. The best way to choose your shower gel is to identify your skin type. Is it normal, dry, oily or even sensitive, you need a shower gel that meets your specific needs . For sensitive skin, in particular, products containing irritating substances should be avoided. Also check the ingredients list to make sure there are no substances you might be allergic to. After identifying your skin type, the goal is to find the ideal shower gel according to your needs, but also according to personal criteria such as perfume.


To make sure that you are actually buying a hydrating shower gel, you can check if there are terms like "nourishing" or "dry skin" on the packaging. You can also check the list of ingredients, because they are what defines whether or not a shower gel is considered moisturizing. Here are components present in moisturizing shower gels:


Composed mainly of water, this plant has anti-inflammatory properties and provides essential nutrients, contributing to soft, supple and nourished skin.


A natural active ingredient present in many plants, it retains water in skin tissues to maintain optimal hydration. The softening properties of inulin provide the skin with a pleasant touch.


A natural molecule present in the skin, promoting hydration by retaining water, like a kind of sponge. It helps reduce wrinkles and maintain healthy skin.


Rich in fatty acids and vitamins, it acts as a powerful moisturizer known for its restorative properties which strengthens and protects the epidermis from daily aggressions such as cold, friction, and pollution.



Neo by Nature refillable body and face shower gel is an innovative fusion between hygiene and skincare. Formulated with its powerful and natural active ingredients: hyaluronic acid, aloe vera and inulin, this product is the result of advanced research at the crossroads between skin care and hygiene, offering radiant and hydrated skin. in any circumstance. No need for cream! You will come out of the shower with a pleasant aroma and already hydrated skin.

A gesture for nature: the Neo by Nature body and face cleansing gel works in the form of refills, including a designer stainless steel bottle with tablets with different scents (score of around 100% on Yuka, 99% natural and vegan product ). This product is made in France and is suitable for children.

Our opinion : The ideal moisturizing shower gel if you want a unique sensory shower experience. You feel the immediate hydration of the skin during and after the shower. There are 3 scents available, each with a very strong and pleasant smell. We also recommend it if you want a responsible and sustainable shower gel.


Bioderma shower oil offers great softness during washing. Designed without soap, this cleansing treatment is suitable for normal to dry skin. Thanks to the Skin Protect complex, it promotes optimal hydration by stimulating the natural production of hyaluronic acid for a lipid-replenishing action. This gel, rich in moisturizing agents, provides a feeling of suppleness and softness from the shower. Particularly recommended in cases of skin dryness or atopy, this formula provides prolonged nutrition to the skin, restoring a satiny texture.

Our opinion : This shower oil is perfect for sensitive skin. It nourishes much more than classic shower gels. Its texture is pleasant and compensates for hard water, which tends to give a feeling of discomfort on the skin.


Deep hydration with this shower cream, designed to gently cleanse and intensely hydrate, very effective for dry skin. Developed in collaboration with experts and dermatologists, this shower cream nourishes the skin, providing softness and great suppleness. Vegan and tested under dermatological control, it preserves the skin's natural barrier, without sulfates and respecting the natural pH.

Our opinion : This superfatted shower cream offers less freshness than previous products. However, there is a smoother and creamier feeling upon application. Despite this, it rinses easily and soothes feelings of tightness for sensitive skin.


Often recommended by dermatologists, Dove shower gel leaves your skin feeling pleasantly soft. These hydrating shower gels are formulated with ingredients naturally found in the skin, providing hydration from the first wash. With its dermo-hydrating active ingredients, Dove Nutrition manages to bring the driest skin back to life.

Our opinion : This shower cream is more enveloping thanks to its superfatting agents. If you are looking for comfort and creamy foam, this shower cream is for you. The olfactory experience is also pleasant, it gives a feeling of softness.


Lipikar moisturizing shower gel from La Roche-Posay is specially designed for sensitive skin for the whole family. Using ingredients such as shea butter, sweet almond oil and niacinamide, it gently cleanses while providing deep hydration, soothing the skin and preserving its physiological balance. This creamy foaming gel is suitable for infants, respects the physiological pH of the skin, and offers daily protection by neutralizing the effects of hard water. A versatile product that combines gentleness and effectiveness for daily hygiene for the whole family.

Our opinion : This gel gently cleanses without drying the skin for a comfortable shower. We recommend for the most sensitive skin, this shower gel limits the risk of allergies.


This moisturizing shower gel in the form of bath milk, for dry skin. This treatment gently cleanses, soothes and protects your skin from drying out, thanks to its active superfat and sweet almond oil. This milk uses hydrodispersion technology to promote hydration and reconstruction of the hydroliptic film. Its rapid absorption guarantees soft and hydrated skin, even after rinsing. Enjoy a real sensation of pleasure with its milky texture and its creamy, delicately scented foam, offering a pleasant experience in the shower or in the bath.

Our opinion : This shower gel provides intense skin hydration throughout the shower. The particularity of having this dairy texture makes it easier to spread on the skin.


Uriage Gel Surgras Dermatologique is a soap-free cleanser that provides a fresh and extra-gentle experience. Its high tolerance formula, respecting the physiological pH, preserves the skin's hydrolipidic film thanks to superfatting agents. Perfect for all skin types, from face to body. This cleansing gel, ophthalmologically tested and hypoallergenic, ensures perfect cleansing, leaving the skin perfectly cleansed, hydrated and soothed. Made in France, it is a pleasant daily treatment for the whole family.

Our opinion : The ideal shower gel for people looking for a moisturizing shower gel with a neutral pH and without a lot of odor during the shower.


To keep your skin permanently hydrated, a moisturizing shower gel is a major ally. Thanks to their compositions, they nourish and offer the skin the protection it needs to face everyday challenges. To protect your skin from the cold, choose products rich in active ingredients. They provide hydration and maintain the elasticity of the skin. Don't limit yourself to moisturizing shower gels, there are many cosmetics that help maintain healthy skin hydration such as moisturizer. It's up to you now, according to your criteria, choose one of the products mentioned above!

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