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Perfume is like a person's signature. With its captivating smell, it leaves an impression and leaves a trace of your passage. Faced with the multitude of perfumes on the market, choosing the ideal fragrance is a little difficult. Are you looking for the perfect perfume for yourself or for a gift? To help you in your selection, here are some criteria to consider when choosing the right perfume!


France is known for being a world leader in the perfume and cosmetics industry. Many natural ingredients used in the production of cosmetics are grown in France: they have become a source of inspiration for many beauty product brands.

Indeed, the French origin of the ingredients is important, because this allows us to obtain a superior quality perfume. French farmers are known for their expertise in growing aromatic and medicinal plants, and they produce some of the best ingredients in the world.

Neo by Nature wanted to offer natural and ecological refillable shower gels which are distinguished by their fragrances inspired by emblematic places in France.

The choice of natural ingredients is essential in the creation of Neo by Nature perfumes. All our ingredients are carefully selected for their sensory qualities, but also for their environmental impact. We have therefore opted for ingredients from organic farming, and for 100% natural formulas, without solvents.

We are proud to use ingredients grown locally in France to create our products, which also helps support the local economy.


Neo by Nature Refills

Our country is full of diverse landscapes: from the lavender fields of Provence to the oak forests of Périgord. Each region has its own identity, its own scent, which characterizes it. With Neo by Nature, it is this olfactory richness that we wanted to capture in our scented shower gels.

Three natural perfumes have been assembled by our artisan perfumers from Grasse, taking inspiration from places in France, for a unique experience.

The Vosges forest perfume is a fresh and invigorating fragrance, which captures the essence of the bamboo forests and hemp fields of the Grand Est of France. This fragrance is an invitation to a sensory journey.

The fleur d'Occitanie perfume was inspired by the region of France known for its lavender fields, olive groves and almond trees. We created this soft and comforting fragrance that evokes the scents of the south of France. Sweet almonds are rich in vitamins and antioxidants, they are excellent for hydrating and nourishing the skin. Additionally, sweet almonds are grown in many regions of France, making them readily available for our production.

The Mediterranean mistral scent allows a moment of escape to the rosemary fields of southern France. Lavender is appreciated for its soothing and relaxing properties, and for its sweet, floral scent. Rosemary, for its part, is an aromatic plant used in beauty products for its toning and refreshing properties. Finally, lemon is a citrus fruit well known for its stimulating and tangy scent, and its tonic effect on the skin.


It is important to take your personality and tastes into account. The notes of the perfume should be in harmony with your character and your current mood.

You can start by identifying the types of perfume you prefer. Perfumes can be classified into different families, such as floral, oriental, woody, etc. Also think about the smells you like, you can start to identify specific notes you might like in a perfume.

Finally, consider your personality. Some grades may match your personality better than others. For example, if you are an energetic and dynamic person, you will prefer fresher and vibrant notes. If you are more introverted, you can move towards softer and subtle notes. Ultimately, the best way to find a perfume that suits your personality is to test it.


Cherry trees

The season can play an important role in choosing a scent, as scents can interact differently with the surrounding air and temperature. Some perfume notes may be more or less noticeable or pleasant depending on the season and climatic conditions.

In this case, for sunny days, we recommend a fragrance with light and refreshing citrus notes. For fall, you can wear a perfume with woody and spicy notes. For winter, sweet and gourmet notes are ideal. Personal preferences and personality are always the most important factors in choosing a perfume, and there are no hard and fast rules when it comes to fragrance.


In conclusion, at Neo by Nature, we are convinced that nature offers the best ingredients to take care of our skin and our body. We will continue to seek inspiration in our beautiful regions of France to create natural and effective beauty products. So, ready to find your ideal perfume? Discover our shower gels on and let yourself be seduced by our eco-responsible fragrances. This will be an opportunity to enjoy a moment of relaxation in the shower, while preserving the environment with a plastic-free refillable bottle!

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