Le gel douche rechargeable, alternative innovante au bloc de savon ?


In an eco-responsible approach to converting your bathroom into a zero waste model, it is possible to use many products. Besides cosmetics, soap is the essential element for taking care of the body on a daily basis. Known as ecological and economical, solid soap is often preferred. But the arrival of refillable dilutable shower gel has changed this trend. This is an innovative alternative to the soap block.


Concerned about the environment, do you want to make your bathroom healthy and ecological? Opt for solid hygiene products! There is something for all needs: deodorant, shampoo, soap, hand wash or even toothpaste. Say goodbye to plastic packaging, which only clutters up the trash and ends up polluting the environment.

The superfatted soap block is one of the most popular cleansing treatments for the body. It offers many benefits, mainly its formula composed of 99% ingredients of natural origin, without paraben or irritating sulfate. Enriched with vegetable oils (including sweet almond oil and shea butter), the soap block will be gentle to moisturize the skin on a daily basis.

Added to this is the smaller ecological footprint of bar soap. In addition, it is pleasant and easy to use in the shower, without any risk of drying out the skin surface. For some time now, organic and refillable shower gel has emerged. It is a natural and innovative alternative to solid soap, dedicated to those who want to adopt a clean formulation and consumption method without abandoning their daily habits.


It was time to bring a touch of innovation to your bathroom using the refillable shower gel. As indicated in its name, it is a cleansing gel, in the form of powders, tablets or beads, to be diluted in water. Certainly, the block of soap evokes a sweet memory of yesteryear. But liquid cleaner is more popular for different reasons.

Soap and shower gel both have the same function: to clean. Even though they are all made using a cleansing base, that of the first comes from the saponification of vegetable oils. The gentle base of the cleansing gel is a mixture of surfactants of natural origin with excellent foaming power, all without attacking the epidermis.

The refillable shower gel is a hygiene product of the future. Ethical and economical, this ultra clean formula is very popular for taking care of your skin and the environment. With this in mind, Neo by Nature offers Cosmos Organic certified cleansing gels from Ecocert, one of the strictest labels for organic products.

The tablets to be diluted therefore benefit from formulas that are gentle on the skin, essentially based on natural ingredients, without sulfates and allergens. Among these, sodium cocoyl glutamate is a surfactant of natural origin which makes the cleansing cream lather while gently cleansing. There is also xanthan gum, which gives consistency to the product.

Then come the preservatives, including potassium sorbate and also sodium benzoate, perfume of natural origin and citric acid as a pH stabilizer.


Enriched with organic nutritional agents, the refillable shower gel guarantees soft, supple, healthy and hydrated skin every day. It also seduces its fans thanks to its creamy and fluid texture, as well as its generous and enveloping foam.

With strong moisturizing power, the delicate liquid cleansing gel puts an end to tension in the epidermis. Goodbye to sensitive, dry and rough skin, goodbye to itching and red spots. Mild products are suitable for all skin types to wash your face and body. They are pleasant to apply, subtly scented and very easy to rinse.

These gentle cleansers also have comforting and softening qualities thanks to their appropriate physiological pH.


Light and portable, a refillable shower gel is a very practical alternative for the whole family. Of course, the soap block is ecological, but we don't really want to wash our face with soap that has already been passed on our body or under our armpits. It is also unthinkable to chase the bar of soap in the shower in case it has slipped. And then, it's dangerous for children.

For households that do not like blocks of soap, the scented shower gel to refill is therefore more suitable. At Neo by Nature we have chosen a stainless steel pump bottle, reusable for life to store our shower gel. Simply pour the refill in, add tap water and wait for the tablet to dissolve before using.

Maintain your comfort by taking advantage of the practicality of dilutable cleansing gels! These types of products perfectly meet the needs of consumers who wish to adopt natural and environmentally friendly care.


For those who are more environmentally conscious, the soap block is a good idea. But shower gel regulars will also be able to find pleasure without straying from the ecological approach with rechargeable models.

Also, put an end to the plastic bottles of classic shower gels which have a heavy environmental impact! It's time to evolve and use a cleansing gel in the form of beads or soluble tablets based on natural ingredients.